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In My Own Private Idaho, sources say the late River Phoenix developed a crush on Keanu, who played a junkie rent-boy.There was also the early theatre production Wolfboy, in which Keanu starred, where he kissed and caressed another man - the publicity stills from the production became gay collectors' items around the world.There have been a number of rumors about who Keanu Reeves has dated over the years.

His Speed co-star Sandra Bullock says: "Keanu has been through harder times than he admits. There's a sadness in his eyes, and you want to ask: 'What is it?

On one mammoth trip Geffen, 51, splashed out ,500 on clothes for Keanu in Barneys, in Beverly Hills, and they were seen "giggling like schoolboys and teasing each other" as they tried on mounds of 0 shirts.

Wheeler-dealer Geffen also came to the rescue when Keanu's home in LA was damaged in this January's earthquake by inviting him to move in to his Malibu mansion.

His behaviour while playing a junkie male prostitute in My Own Private Idaho caused concern. " When his close pal River died of a speedball overdose in Johnny Depp's Viper Room last year, while Keanu was shooting Speed, director Jan De Bont observed: "It hit Keanu very hard.

He was even quoted as saying: "I want to be on speed. It was a shock to him." Since then Reeves has become a strict anti-drugs campaigner.

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Perhaps his ethnic background is part of the reason Keanu is bulging with talent.