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Who is mark ballas dating now

Due to the fact that her father knew how to play piano and trumpet it could have been obvious that she will have his ability when it comes to handling an instrument.When Mark Ballas girlfriend was fourteen and she was attending high school she was able to play the piano and was doing it well.

His mother is of English heritage originally from the United Kingdom.

Britney Jean Carlson can be called as Mark Ballas girlfriend. After breaking up with the former Mark Ballas girlfriend named Tiffany Dunn it did not take a long time for him to get into another romance.

Only two months passed and he has found another Mark Ballas girlfriend, Britney.

Mark Ballas girlfriend also went to American Music Awards together with Mark.

Mark Ballas girlfriend was born in California to a father that was a successful stockbroker and a mother who is a talent manager.

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Further, one or Mark friends has stated that even though they know each other for only about a month it looks like they have strong feelings towards one another.