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Widerstrom dating

Among them are 34-year-old Michael, a father who wants to reach out for his only son; 21-year-old Jackson, the show's first openly gay contestant who wants to stand up for his bullying and sexuality; and 31-year-old TC, a father of three that vowed to lose weight after a car crash affected his older son's capabilities.

The fifteen arrive at the Ranch to find out their assigned teams and get straight into the gym for their first workout.

It was a close three team battle, but the White Team successfully spelled it first, winning the team a five-pound advantage in the first weigh-in.

For the last-chance workout, the contestants still showed extreme struggle in the gym, especially for White Team's Nikki.

On the second weigh-in, the Blue Team hit a strong note until Jeff's shocking zero weight loss for the week.

The Red Team easily surpassed Blue's total weight loss.

Nikki's emotional toll proved to be too much, and decided to walk out of the ranch for good.

At the first weigh-in of the season, contestants received the surprising news of the Red Line, meaning the losing team's last placer would automatically be eliminated by the end of the night.

Alison then called up the fifteen official contestants one by one.The White Team's motivation wasn't enough for Jillian, continuing with her "tough love" training method.Because of their lack of working harder for the week, Jillian takes her team inside to personally improve and rejuvenate their skills.Teams had to spell out the word "The Biggest Loser" by scavenging for letters in a ball pit.The teens directed the adults from bungee in the air.

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With a three for three, the White Team pulled another surprising win.

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