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The program then traps the events and performs an action (such as writing the tag contents to the screen).

The example consists of three parts: a handler class to trap the events SAX will call as it parses the document (; a JSP file (hello.jsp) that will implement the handler, parse the document, and output the results as HTML; and a sample XML file (hello.xml).

- multiple attachments, file and memory attachments; - XML and System. e-mail email mail mailing send merge mail merge compose smtp esmtp ssl smime s/mime proxy asp dotnet compact mobile component dll html attachment ntlm gssapi domainkeys mime message secure relay iis queue xml stream XML Editor XML XSL XSLT DTD Schema Relax NG XML Schema XML Software Java DTD editor XQuery SQL HTML XHTML XPath Relax NG Visual Schema Editor XML tools RSS CSS JSP ASP EDI EDIFACT stylesheet XSLT 2.0 XPath 2.0 e-mail email mail imap imap4 receive retrieve download ssl spam smime s/mime proxy idle sort xlist attachment ntlm gssapi folder mailbox upload envelope mime message header stream asp dotnet compact mobile component dll ...The big difference lies in the fact that the SAX model is a "push" model, where the parser pushes events to the application, notifying the application every time a new node has been read, while applications using Xml Reader can pull nodes from the reader at will.The benefits of this pull model are in these areas: Normally, the data is read from the parser buffer into the string object, which is then pushed to the client buffer.Note that the example requires sax2r2.jar, which you can download from You need to add this JAR to your CLASSPATH so that the appropriate SAX classes can be found.

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Like the SAX reader, the Xml Reader is a forward-only, read-only cursor.

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