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You dating commitment phobe

He unfollowed me almost on everything ( I did the other stuff) and even my parents too.I guess I’m kind of confused since now he is telling people stupid lame excuses to why he broke up with me too and it hurts Hi Reza, Thanks for reading 🙂 I’m so sorry that you are going through this. Keep coming back here, reading the posts and keep the focus on you.If you’re the one that didn’t unfollow first, It’s a huuuge blow to your ego.As if once wasn’t enough, it feels like being rejected and dumped all over again.

If anything, you should have been the one to unfollow him first and you beat yourself up over it. You won because you finally get the chance to move on.I feel so confused and hurt by him, he clearly wants to erase me from his life when I wasn’t even the one to initiate the break up. Me again…………Everyone I talk to says to “unfriend and unfollow” my ex on Facebook.You seem to have the best advice and I was just about to contact him after months of no contact but I’d rather get your opinion about it. Up until this point I had been cyber stalking her and after reading your posts decided to take an emotional break from Facebook and have not even been on for a week!!She noticed that her ex had unfollowed her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Last year, this particular ex (who she thought she was going to marry), had lied to her, cheated on her and completely broken her heart.She knew that the damage done was irreparable, so they broke up and she cut contact with him.

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I deleted him on all forms of social media, but he still follows me on everything and watches all my snap stories.

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